FULLY3D Connecting our Tomographic People

Fully3D is the international community for the people who are interested in tomographic image formation in radiology and nuclear medicine.

Introduction to Fully3D

Fully3D is a highly-respected brand name for the series of the International Conference on Fully Three-Dimensional Image Reconstruction in Radiology and Nuclear Medicine. Given the dramatic development of the tomographic image formation field as well as the internet technologies and infrastructures, increasingly more colleagues recognize the benefits of and the needs for a virtual Fully3D community that is global and open for learning and doing wonderful things together. While Fully3D has “3D” and the Fully3D conference papers used to focus on x-ray and nuclear imaging modalities, we are well aware of the importance of higher dimensional scenarios such as images with temporal, spectral and molecular dimensions.  Also, we are very open to those peers who work on other imaging modalities such as MRI, ultrasound and optical imaging. With the momentum of Fully3D conferences, the Fully3D Community that has been framed by the Multi-national Scientific Committee, is to welcome your participation, suggestions and support. Please visit us often!  We hope that this community will grow rapidly with our field and your career!