FULLY 3D 2013



SUN (June 16) MON (June 17) TUE (June 18) WED (June 19) THUR (June 20) FRI (June 21)
7.00-8.00am: Breakfast/Conference Registration 7.15-8.20am: Breakfast 7.15-8:20am: Breakfast 7.15-8.20am: Breakfast 7.30-9.00am: Breakfast
8.00-8.20am Opening Remarks
8.20-10.00am MoO1:CT Reconstruction I TuO1: CT Reconstruction II WeO1: High Performance Computing ThO1: PET & SPECT
10.00-10.30am Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee
10.30-11.50am MoO2: Motion Estimation TuO2: Dynamic Methods WeO2: Acquisition Geometries ThO2: Artifact Reduction and Postprocessing Resort Check Out
12.00-1.30pm Lunch Lunch Lunch lunch
1.30-3.30pm MoP1:Posters Afternoon activities WeP2:Posters ThP3: Posters
3.30-4.00pm Coffee (hiking, free time) Coffee Coffee
4.00-5.40pm MoO3: PET Reconstruction WeO3: System Design and Calibration ThO3: Regularization Methods
5.00-7.00pm: Conference Registration 6.00-7.00pm: Cocktail Hour 4.30pm: Buses to Tahoe Queen 6.00-7.00pm: Cocktail Hour 6.00-7.30pm: Cocktail Hour
6.00-9.00pm: Welcome Reception 7.00-8.00pm: Industry Panel Discussion 6.00-9.30pm: Tahoe Queen Dinner Cruise 7.00-9.00pm: BBQ 7.30-9.00pm: Dinner
8.00-10.00pm: Dinner 9.30pm: Buses back to Lodge